I am walking. I am walking over the beautiful desert through breathtakingly beautiful rock formations, I am walking under a wide sky with intriguing clouds. I am walking inside the house. I am walking with my whole body. I am walking on the outside and the inside. Sometimes I am walking very slowly and seeing a lot. Sometimes I am walking swiftly without rushing. Sometimes I am walking uphill and sometimes down. I am usually walking over uneven ground. My feet are softening and my legs and arms are lively. I am walking with openness and effortless uprightness. 

At times I feel too tall, too out there, vulnerable. But powerful. This is me. This is me not hiding. This is my size and my height. This is me in my animal body. This is me not worrying. This is me walking through the things I am doing. This is me walking well. I am stable and all of me is in movement. I am tapping into possibilities and abilities.

Now as I practice putting hands on my companions, I am walking through that. I am seeing the scenery. I am inviting lively walking in them.

I feel calm and joyful. I could sit quietly or I could jump up on tiptoes and reach up and dance.

I am discovering my walking body.

Wishing you liveliness and calm,