Sleep Better with the Alexander Technique

Sleep is the ultimate restorer. When we can’t sleep because we can’t get comfortable physically or stop the motion of the mind going over past actions or possible futures, we often become enmeshed in a cycle of frustration and sleeplessness.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to manage sleep issues by quieting the mind and body with the Alexander Technique. We’ll explore whole-body coordination that gets us “unstuck” so that we approach sleep with improved conditions for comfortable, restful sleep. We’ll also explore easeful positions that are more conducive to waking up feeling more refreshed.

We’ll be putting all of this into practice, so bring any pillow(s) and/or blankets you’d like to experiment with. A limited number of massage tables is available for people who are uncomfortable getting down on the floor (please check when signing up), but we will be doing a lot of activities on the floor.

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily (preferably not a skirt or jeans).