Every kind of movement you do is fair game in a DiscoverEase in Movement with Alexander Technique class. Just the other day, I explored with someone how to push the vacuum cleaner without having her back hurt and ending up so exhausted. We realized that her focus as she pushed the vacuum was down toward the floor. Naturally, you might say! Well, it turns out that has a lot to do with all the effort that goes into it.

We discovered that by thinking up along her spine and including what is behind her and around her in her attention as well as the dirt on the floor, she could move forward much more effortlessly and the vacuum just went along with her instead of having to be pushed so hard.

The discoveries we make in this work are infinite and though subtle, life-changing. That same thinking that makes the vacuum easier to push make playing an instrument, running, sitting at the computer, dancing and everything else much more joyful, healthy and productive.

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