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“Mari’s treatments using the Alexander Technique have resolved chronic back pain along with curing an episode of acute neck pain. Mari taught me in relaxed, and at times humorous, ways to employ easy to use exercises to get relief. I no longer have any neck pain. Managing the back pain involves the ongoing use of these exercises which have lowered pain and over time provided significant relief, allowing me to dance again, engage in the outdoor activities I enjoy and finally get better sleep.

It’s hard to stress enough how helpful Mari has been in helping restore me to good health. I continue using her exercises and methods of self-awareness on a daily basis. I recommend her without reservation. The work she does should be made more widely available in pain clinics. I would recommend health professionals include Mari’s work in their practice to better help those suffering from chronic pain to regain the joy of living free from pain. I’ve learned it’s not necessary to live in a constant state of pain from my work with Mari.  I’m genuinely grateful for her help.”

Charlie Norris

Retired healthcare executive

“Back pain reduced 90%. Migraines reduced 90%. Neck and shoulders pain reduced 80%. Breathing improved 95%! Mindfulness improved 90%!

Alexander is the gift that keeps on giving. I came for back pain but lost my migraines! AND have seen improvement in mood and health as I invite myself to find ease. I have become more aware and mindful of my body, which has lead to ease of mind! Truly a mind, body, spirit technique.”


“After I work with Mari I feel complete. I love this work because it just all comes together. You realize how the neck connects to everything. Everything is connected. That was one of the really nice feelings I got – feeling the complete humanity of your body, all the parts working together. And the relief from stress from my neck and shoulders. Since I started doing this program with Mari I’ve been in some situations that usually generate a lot of stress and I’ve been able to deal with them without anxiety. It has helped a lot with walking. Now I’m looking toward the future of the road rather than looking down at the road, where you have no vision or future.”

Noel Walther

“:Hi! I’ve been thinking about the methods you taught a lot lately (maybe not quite enough actual practice) but it’s gotten me through some challenges with more ease .☺️ Mostly wanted to thank you, very sincerely, your classes were a life changing experience for learning how to work with those DIMs (much less now) and SIMs (thanks to a loooot of support and reminders).”

Carrie Dyrud

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