Not everyone is a fan of the outdoors in winter. I’m getting there, but I move outside much more when it’s warm out.

It’s important to keep moving, though! Movement – especially aerobic movement – keeps muscles conditioned, gets blood flowing to muscles and nerves, improves mood, helps you sleep better at night and reduces pain and stress.

How you move matters, so you can get the most benefit and enjoyment out of moving, improve balance, reduce holding tension and improve tone. That’s what we’re always working on in the Mindful Movement and Elasticity at Any Age classes.

In this new 50-min. class we’ll continue to pay attention to those things as we just get moving using dance, tai chi, exercise, developmental movement and daily movements! You can participate in the class on your feet or in a chair, and I’ll be going back and forth to encourage everyone to do what works for you. We’ll finish the class with a nervous system quiet down. You can sign up at the class links below, or send me an email.

And for those who are local to Ronan, The Art of Running starts at the Ronan Middle School Gym Nov. 10! See more below.

Also, if you didn’t catch the conversations live on Facebook, you can now see parts 1 and 2 of my conversation with Xiaosong Que on “deconstructing pain” by clicking on the links below.

Wishing you liveliness and flow,
DiscoverEase in Movement

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