Hello all!

It’s easy for us to fall into habits of tensing muscles, pulling in and pulling down. Tensing muscles is a natural response to the cold and to stressful situations, and we tend to make that a habitual activity. Habitual tension then feels normal to us. But we do feel the consequences of stiffness and neck, back and joint pain.

Take a moment to stop and check in with yourself as you read this. Which direction are you going in? Are you pulling in or pulling down? If you’ve been to DiscoverEase in Movement classes, this will probably sound familiar to you, so take this opportunity to refresh your outward and upward release. If you haven’t tried classes yet, imagine your head releasing upward away from your shoulders. Notice what changes in you as you play with that thought.

Remember to pause (even for a micro fraction of a second!) between steps as you go about your activities so you can check in with yourself and remind yourself to release upward and outward. This helps us to lighten up, release tensed muscles and take pressure off joints.

In DiscoverEase in Movement classes I’ll help you discover what it means to release upward and outward to reduce stress on your body and mind, balance more easily and move with greater ease. We have a lot of fun classes coming up this spring – I hope you can join us!

Wishing you expansion and balance!
DiscoverEase in Movement

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