Tuesdays at 6:00 pm beginning April 16
6-week class
The Learning Center at Red Willow Missoula, MT

In this fun and illuminating class, you’ll discover how you can improve and maintain mobility and balance with the Alexander Technique at any age.

As we age, mobility often becomes reduced and we become more fearful of falling. Habits of tension also become deeply entrenched and have the effect of further restricting movement. We’ll address fear and its impact on movement and coordination and explore ways to improve confidence, coordination, and balance.

Learn to move more easily with the Alexander Technique in this class as you learn how to let go of unnecessary effort and strain by developing a healthy head/spine relationship. We’ll explore how reconnecting with natural inner coordination helps to enhance overall functioning and well-being; improve balance; free up your back, neck, and shoulders; and prevent and relieve pain, stiffness, and tension.

The Alexander Technique promotes whole-body coordination that supports freedom and ease of movement in all your daily activities. It is proven to aid in recovery from chronic pain. Learning the Alexander Technique will teach you mind/body self-care techniques you’ll use for the rest of your life!