The Mindful Movement class is a gentle movement class that elongates muscles and optimizes muscle tone to make everyday movement, exercise and upright posture easier. Movements are based on the Alexander Technique, a method shown to reduce pain and stress, to increase body awareness, and to improve balance, posture, respiratory function, and ease and range of motion.

We all tend to take our unconscious habits of tension into all our activities, and when we do that, we practice tension. The highly practical Alexander Technique helps you get better at what you do by learning to redirect patterns of tension that create excess effort and pull your body out of its natural, easy alignment. Alexander Technique-based mindful movement is the perfect complement to your yoga, swimming, walking or other fitness or meditation practice.

2020 Mindful Movement Classes

  • Tuesdays 10:00 at Yoga Heart Home, 209 Ridgewater Drive, Polson, MT 3/10 – June
  • Wednesdays 5:30 PM at Pablo Elementary School Gym, Pablo, MT 3/5 – 3/18
  • Sunday, April 5 10:30 at The Lotus Helena, Helena, MT