Alexander Technique for Mental Health Care Professionals

counseling-99740_640pixabayFor therapists, Alexander Technique training provides tools for increasing effectiveness by improving engagement and communication with the client. The increased self-awareness that comes from the Alexander Technique allows therapists to enhance skills of giving space and reading physical manifestations of mental and emotional states of clients. Therapists who have attended the Alexander Technique training have found it to be a “great eye opener” for improving self-awareness of mind-body wholeness. One therapist who attended wrote that “the class provided self-awareness of posture, body language and stressors that a clinician may bring into session or [use] to further observe the client.”

The Alexander Technique is an educational method for unlearning unhelpful habits of mind and body. Training in the Alexander Technique empowers the individual to release unconscious habits of holding, whatever its cause, leading to improved poise, confidence, self-responsibility and greater ability to respond to stressful stimuli in a conscious manner. It has also been proven effective in reducing chronic pain by teaching self-care skills.

The Alexander Technique recognizes the mind and body as inseparable parts of a unified whole. Many of us in today’s world tend to separate the two, creating conflict in the self and contributing to pain, stiffness and stress. This holistic approach to integrating mind, body, breath and soul supports healing and growth through self-discovery and release of habitual patterns of tension and strain that interfere with daily life and healthy functioning. Therapists who have come for lessons to resolve physical discomfort issues have been astonished at the benefits in their client relationships as well.

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