I discovered the Alexander Technique because it was recommended to me as a solution to muscle spasms and back pain that were so bad that I couldn’t work at the computer, and much less dance. Like many people, I had a stressful job and sat for long hours at the computer, which I “balanced” with physical activity. I taught zouk lambada (a Brazilian partner dance) and danced Brazilian and Argentine dance, but I also hurt myself dancing. At the time I didn’t realize that my pain and the muscle contractions were caused by poor use of myself in all my activities in daily life.

I tried Alexander Technique classes because I wanted to live free of pain and I realized I had to change something. I didn’t want to run in circles anymore as I did in my busy life, and I was ready for a new lifestyle. I learned to use the computer without hurting myself, to dance with balance but without unnecessary strain and to live without unnecessary tension.

I began my teacher training at the Toronto School of the Alexander Technique, and I graduated from the Escuela de Técnica Alexander de Buenos Aires. I am certified by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, and I am a member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique and the Asociación Argentina de Técnica Alexander. I continue to learn through continuing education with master teachers. I also play the violin and enjoy dancing and running.

My fascination with pain and recovery from pain led to study. I obtained a Therapeutic Pain Specialist certificate and have completed numerous hours of training in pain science and rehabilitation. I am currently studying in the Masters of Science in Medicine (Pain Management) program at the University of Sydney.

I currently conduct private and group classes and in-company training and coaching in Montana in the U.S. and in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Classes are in English, Spanish or Japanese. Please contact me to schedule a class or training program.


  • Currently working toward Masters in Science in Medicine (Pain Management) expected in 2023 from University of Sydney
  • Therapeutic Pain Specialist Certificate through Purdue University, Feb. 2021
  • Completed 3-year, 1600-hour teacher training program at Escuela de Técnica Alexander Buenos Aires in 2014.
  • Certified as a Teacher of the Alexander Technique by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) based in London, UK.
  • Currently enrolled in Masters of Science in Medicine (Pain Management) at University of Sydney, completion expected June, 2023.
  • 4-month teaching term at Escuela de Técnica Alexander Buenos Aires
  • Continuing education with world-renowned teachers of the Alexander Technique including
    • Continuing education with Bruce Fertman
    • Advanced Online Teacher Training with Penelope Easten
    • Post-graduate training with Merran Poplar, Mariana di Paula, Reinaldo Renzo, Caren Bayer and Jeremy Chance
    • Movement workshops with Lucia Walker
    • Neuroscience and Biomechanics in the Alexander Technique with Dr. Tim Cacciatore and Dr. Patrick Johnson
    • 32-hour teacher training in The Art of Running with Malcolm Balk
    • On-going refreshers in The Art of Running with Malcolm Balk
    • “Art of Breathing” seminar with Jessica Wolf
    • Developmental movement with Luc Vanier
  • Master Session with Lorimer Moseley, July 2022
  • Graded Motor Imagery with NOI Group, Dec. 2020
  • Explain Pain with NOI Group, July 2020
  • Explain Pain Applications with NOI Group, Sept. 2020
  • Bates Method with Jacqueline Ledesma, Opto X Ver
  • “Introductory Human Physiology,” Duke University on Coursera, 2016
  • “Preventing Chronic Pain: A Human Systems Approach,” University of Minnesota on Coursera, 2017
  • “Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life,” The University of Chicago on Coursera, 2019
  • “Understanding Obesity,” The University of Edinburgh on Coursera, 2019
  • “Know Pain: A Practical Guide to Developing Your Patient Education Skills” 2020
  • Continuing work exchange with teacher colleagues
  • Violin lessons and improvisation with Sami Abadi (Buenos Aires)
  • Violin at La Academia Tango Club O.T. La Reserva
  • Courses in nonviolent communication with Jacob Sluijter and Ronnie Hausheer
Tel: +54 (011) 3662 8879
Email: alexander@marihodges.com