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Wednesday, August 9 @ Amy Ragsdale Studio

1042 Monroe St

6:00 – 8:00 Practica – includes roughly 1-hour class with Andrea introducing Mechanics of the Embrace and togetherness ($5 suggested contribution)

8:00 Snactica


Friday, August 11Shelter Designs

101 N. Johnson St.

5:00 Barbecue & potluck

6:00 – 7:30 Introduction to Foundations of Togetherness

The “basic agreements” for creating togetherness. Understanding how to complement one another and move in harmony. Both roles, autonomous and together, proposing and completing one another, listening and being receptive. Leading and following as complementary actions carried out by both roles for harmony and wholeness.

7:30 – 9:30 Practica


Saturday, August 12 @ Elks Club

112 N. Pattee St.

10:30 – 12:00 Managing proximity and space in a dynamic embrace

Construction of the embrace and managing proximity, the relationship of the axis with arms and hands, and how this influences perception, availability and quality of communication. Construction of a dynamic embrace, a shared space, with autonomy and togetherness.

1:15 – 2:45 Rediscovering the roads of tango movements

Navigating and managing the space within the embrace and on the dance floor with calm and precision. Bodies communicating and complementing one another in different relative positions within the embrace for ease and comfort. Using intention and direction confidently.

8:00 – 12:00 Missoula Milonga

Sunday, August 13 Classes @ Elks Club

112 N. Pattee St.

1:30 – 3:00 Musical expression

Listening to the music is an essential part of dancing. Dancing is listening and translating the music into movement! 🎶🕺 In this class we will explore locomotion, stepping and expressive gestures (embellishments). We will learn to incorporate cadence, rebounds, accents and silences to enrich our walk within the framework proposed by the music of different orchestras.

Sunday, August 13 @ Second Chance

6:00 – ? Potluck & practica

Monday, August 14 @ Second Chance (Potomac)

Morning “mateada” breakfast potluck & chat about all things tango!

Private lessons

Individual or couple lessons (Tango and/or Alexander Technique for tangueros)

Work in-depth on specific concerns, from the organization of your body to creativity in your dance. Experience whole-body unity while dancing, think and execute movements more effectively, develop precision and subtlety in intercommunication and expression. Schedule between Aug. 6 and Aug. 14.



1 workshop $25. All workshops (except Wed.) $90. (Student rate $15 / $50) Full weekend including Saturday milonga $95//$55. Wednesday practica & class $5 suggested contribution. Private lessons $75. Sliding scale available. Contact Mari at for more information.

No fee for Friday practica or Sunday practica, donations welcome.

For more information, contact: Mari Hodges at 406-544-4625 or

About Andrea

Andrea is a tango teacher of the young generation of milongueros. She studied and worked with renowned maestros milongueros and has taught both roles in Buenos Aires and around the world since 2002.  

Andrea developed her teaching approach, where Contact Improvisation and Alexander Technique occupy a central place, to facilitate the use of the body to dance Tango. This exploration uses anatomical, sensory and kinetic information to link technical aspects with the essence of social tango. The goal is to facilitate the development of everyone’s dance for a confident integration in the milongas of Buenos Aires and the world.  

Andrea speaks fluent French and English and holds a PhD in Biology. 

About Classes

We will work on perfecting tango technique by recognizing our own unique postural habits and tensions while dancing together in proximity with a partner. These habits can interfere with motor performance and even generate chronic pains.

Dancers will take with them the knowledge of their posture and the mechanics of their body enriched, with a more complete and organized perception of self and partner. We will refine body awareness to increase ease, fluidity and creativity for improvisation. We will cultivate our ability to read our partner, responsiveness and clarity of the movements underlying the relationship with our partner.

Dancers of all levels will gain confidence in tango movements both familiar and improvised, with strategies that will allow you to vary them and to increase the creativity and poetry of your dance. This approach embraces all styles of tango embrace and dancing and supports development of each dancer’s personal style.

The dance becomes a healthy and revitalizing source of pleasure and joy where both leader and follower, in an intimate agreement, create the dance together in the context of the music and the social dance environment.

All levels, some experience needed. No partner required to participate in the classes, practicas or milonga.

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Whole event (4 workshops, 2 practicas, 1 milonga – Does not include Leading for Followers class)


Individual workshop


Wednesday Aug. 9 practica with class $5

Private or couple’s lesson

1 hour