Hello all!

It’s that time of the year again! Time to weed. And like everything else, weeding can be a trigger to tighten as we focus on the thing we want to get rid of, or it can be an opportunity to continue to observe ourselves and invite ease.

Option 1: In the first image, the most important thing on my mind is pulling out those weeds. My entire focus and energy goes down toward the weeds. The result is that I’m bending in my back, tightening my neck and bracing my legs. Basically, I’m working against myself by focusing only on my goal of getting rid of the weeds.

Option 2: I’m taking this opportunity to continue to allow ease in my self! I’m giving priority to keeping ease in my neck and length in my back. I’m releasing my knees forward to get some bounce in my legs so I can move more easily. And by applying the Alexander Technique to this activity, I’m enjoying myself a lot more!

See the video here.

Here I’m creating more effort for myself:

Creating more effort

Creating more effort








Some more “easeful” options:

weeding all 4s weeding bending 600






Wishing you a summer of growth and flow,
DiscoverEase in Movement