DiscoverEase in Movement – Introduction to the Alexander Technique

This workshop is about discovery: discovery of how you can move and balance with ease, free of tension, stiffness or pain. We’ll explore whole body coordination based on a healthy head-spine relationship that supports innate freedom of movement. You’ll learn how to release unwanted tension and change unconscious patterns of posture and movement naturally to rediscover ease, flexibility and freedom. Mari gives hands-on guidance to incorporate these concepts in activity. The discoveries you make in this class will also help you to prevent strain and injury.

The Alexander Technique is a method used by performing artists around the world to improve performance by increasing mind-body awareness, improving posture and coordination, and reducing tension. This holistic approach offers a way to care for yourself in all your activities, so you will be able to apply what you learn to your work, sports and exercise, performance arts, rehabilitation, resting, and daily life. It is a way to unlearn harmful habits of posture, movement and thought that interfere with any activity. This re-education of the whole mind-body self opens the door to freer and easier movement, effortless upright posture and balance, improved clarity of thought and intention, and naturally overcoming pain, stiffness and stress.

– Discover your innate freedom of movement and strength with this mindful practice based on a healthy head-spine relationship.

– Rediscover easy upright posture to naturally overcome pain, stiffness and stress.

– Learn to release tension to increase vitality and mind-body balance.

– Create space for change free of self-criticism and judgement.

– Let go of tension and strain that interfere with a balanced way of being.

– Redirect your energy in a way that supports you to improve performance and get more benefit and enjoyment out of all your activities.

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