DiscoverEase in Activity

Much of what we do is controlled by unconscious habits. The Alexander Technique empowers us to engage the whole mind-body self in the activity we choose to do, whether that be exercise, work, play, music, art or other creative endeavor, rest or other daily activities, for greater ease, freedom and poise. Using this holistic method, Mari will lead you in an exploration of non-doing and mindful use of your whole self for greater freedom of choice. You’ll discover how you can let go of strain and effort as you go about your activities. Come with an activity in mind that you’d like to explore!

In this fun and illuminating workshop we’ll explore ways to allow easy movement, improve balance, posture and respiratory function, and overcome pain, stiffness and tension in all your daily activities. What if you could walk, stand, sit, move, dance, work, sing and do everything else that you do with greater ease and enjoyment? With the Alexander Technique, you’ll learn how to move with greater ease, prevent and overcome pain, and reduce stress and stress-related tension. This century-old technique confirmed by modern-day neuroscience empowers you to redirect excess tension into useful energy. You’ll discover how you can change patterns of posture and movement naturally to rediscover ease, flexibility and freedom.

The Alexander Technique offers a way to care for yourself in all your activities so you will be able to apply what you learn to your work, sports and exercise, performance arts, rehabilitation, resting, and daily life.

– Discover your innate freedom of movement and strength with this mindful practice based on a healthy head-spine relationship.
– Rediscover easy upright posture to naturally overcome pain, stiffness and stress.
– Learn to release tension to increase vitality and mind-body balance.
– Create space for change free of self-criticism and judgement.
– Let go of tension and strain that interfere with a balanced way of being.
– Redirect your energy in a way that supports you to improve performance and enjoyment in all your activities.