Benefits of the Alexander Technique

Ways you’ll benefit from the Alexander Technique include:

  • Improve balance and posture
  • Prevent injuries and discover relief from pain
  • Find relief from tension and stress
  • Decompress your spine and internal organs
  • Lift, sit, run, dance and play an instrument with greater comfort and without strain
  • Improve vocal performance
  • Increase mindfulness and self awareness
  • Increase conscious control of reactions
  • Discover harmony of intention, action and sensory awareness

Freedom to Choose

The way we use ourselves in our postural habits and reactions can lead to pain and stiffness, diminished mobility, poor balance or coordination, and even breathing and voice problems. The Alexander Technique helps us to free ourselves from habits of posture, movement and thought so that we can enjoy improved health and greater freedom and ease of movement. Through a process of observation and movement exploration, we learn to recognize patterns of use that interfere with the natural functioning of our structure, and how to change them. We learn a new way of thinking that frees us of excessive tension – both muscular and mental – so that we can feel balanced and free to move without effort.

Whatever your age, the Alexander Technique can help you to discover new possibilities of movement, improve coordination and balance, and prevent and relieve pain. You’ll feel lighter, calmer and more alert. Enhance your performance in music, dance, theater, sports and more – through increased awareness, integration of mind and body, and efficient use of your self. You’ll benefit by applying the Technique in all activities of daily life and work. Rediscover natural, efficient coordination of movement and discover your potential in everything you do.