In my study of the Alexander Technique, it seems to me that it is the thing that’s most similar to meditation without being meditation. Because it’s about being present in the moment, in your body, in your mind, in your activity here and now, with all of your self. It’s about physically integrating all the parts of the body into the whole, and also a lively attention to what we are doing at the precise moment with all the parts of the body, thoughts and energy. It’s an observation of the self that doesn’t exclude what is outside of the self. In fact, it is an expanded attention that includes what is around me as well as my self. This brings me calmness and tranquility because it helps me to be in peace with my self, with all my parts (including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual…) so that the parts are not struggling with one another.

I thought about this as I was cooking. Cooking doesn’t come easy to me, it tends to be a struggle, and I often end up with a back that’s tired and sore. Just now, sauteing the garlic and eggplant, I noticed that I could be completely present in that action, without letting my energy fall downward and without my mind wandering to other things I’d rather be doing. I was there, with the garlic and eggplant. And my back was happy. I was happy.
I think it’ll taste delicious.