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Research on pain has made leaps and bounds in the last decades. Update your knowledge about pain and pain rehabilitation.

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I am an Alexander Technique teacher and pain management therapist. My own lived experience of pain inspired my curiosity to learn more about the amazing pain system and bodily protection. 

An up-to-date understanding of pain will give you new insight, enrich your teaching and enable you to better help people living with pain to reduce excess protection and recover freedom of movement.

Learn what factors contribute to pain

Learn about emerging interventions with greater efficacy for treating pain

Learn how Alexander Technique helps to reduce pain

Mari Hodges


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Tim Cacciatore & Mari Hodges

Pain Science for AT Teachers

with Tim Cacciatore, (PhD, MSTAT), and pain management specialist Mari Hodges (MScMed Pain Mgmt, TPS, M.AmSAT)

Join us to learn about exciting discoveries in pain science in this course tailored to AT teachers. We will delve into factors that contribute to pain as part of a larger picture. You’ll learn about how pain works and gain a better understanding of how to develop optimal strategies for working with the unique challenges of people with persistent pain. We’ll discuss the unique contribution AT brings to pain management and recovery through a lens of modern pain science. 

Dates: Feb. 9 – March 29. Live online sessions on:

Timezone 1: Fridays at 2-3:30 pm EST / 7-8:30 pm UK / 6-7:30 am AEDT

Timezone 2: Fridays  at 7:30 am UK / 6:30 pm AEDT

Pre-recorded lectures & live sessions
With Tim Cacciatore & Mari Hodges

Tim Cacciatore & Mari Hodges

The Science of Posture & Pain workshop video

“The Science of Posture & Pain” was originally presented by neuroscientist Tim Cacciatore and pain specialist Mari Hodges on April 23, 2023.

Purchase access to a video recording of the workshop.

Common wisdom says that poor posture can cause chronic pain, but is that really true? Can you improve and prevent pain conditions through better posture? And if so, how do you do that, anyway?

This workshop was meant for people in pain or curious about pain who want to better understand the relationship between posture and pain and explore more constructive and ultimately pleasurable ways of being in their body.

Both pain and posture are widely misunderstood and science can give us important insights into understanding our own pain.  We drew on posture-related techniques, such as the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method and Craniosacral Therapy, which can provide cutting edge insight into managing pain.

This 2-hour workshop was presented by two scientists who were brought to this topic due to their own struggle with pain issues and found postural methods provided valuable insights that have been essential to their own recoveries, and ultimately motivated them to better understand posture and pain.


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I can’t recommend this course more highly. So much thought and effort has gone into creating an accessible introduction to such wide ranging subject matter. Best of all, they provide plenty of pointers if you’re wanting to explore further. Tim and Mari’s warmth and enthusiasm for the material, and for sharing their knowledge, made engaging what could otherwise have been a very arid journey.

Simon Fitzgibbon

“This course covers vital information on persistent pain that every Alexander teacher should understand. It brings our profession up to date with a significant paradigm shift in pain science that has taken place in recent years. The course provides valuable insights into the drivers and processes involved in chronic pain, and the most effective strategies for addressing it. The presenters explore the reasons why the Alexander Technique can help people in pain, revealing the huge potential the technique has to be part of an effective multidisciplinary approach to pain management and recovery. Mari and Tim have done an amazing job of consolidating and presenting an enormous wealth of material in a format that is engaging, understandable and enjoyable. Highly recommended!”

Loretta Manson

“I really enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal from it. I like the way it was organized – videos, then quizzes then applying the knowledge gained to my practice. It was also good to have weekly live sessions with a quick review and time to ask questions. Perhaps more importantly though it was having great confidence in the expertise of Tim and Mari.”

Bridget Barr

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