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What can I expect in an Alexander Technique class

You’ll learn to access your ability to be as you would like to be as you do what you genuinely choose to do in the way you choose to do it. Habits control much of what we do and how we do it, but it is possible to bring these patterns up to the level of awareness, recognize them and let go of the ones that are not serving you well.
Throughout your sessions I will propose various basic movements that make up your life. There is no right or wrong in the way you do these things just as there is no right or wrong posture, but you will make discoveries about how they can happen with greater ease and coordination.
You will develop a greater ability to perceive your body and what you are doing on a subtle level in order to have greater freedom of choice in the way you are being and the way you do what you choose to do.
My hands and verbal guidance will help to give you a new experience of being and moving smoothly and effortlessly, with whole-body coordination. I will guide you toward a more supportive use of your body and a more appropriate distribution of muscle tension throughout your body. I will help you develop an awareness of habits that interfere with your innate ability to be upright and to move without effort, strain or pain.
We’ll also look at how you move, sit, stand and hold yourself. We’ll look at your patterns and habits as well as postural tone. In addition to visual information, I’ll use my hands to listen to your body. (Hands-on work is always done with your permission, gently and respectfully.) My hands are never used for manipulation. They are used for listening, proposing and guiding your attention. I will encourage an expanded awareness of your self in relation to the world around you.
Every class is tailored to the conditions present in each individual at the moment. In a first session we’ll spend time talking about your concerns, and I may ask about your history, what you think, feel and do, your relationships, fears and joys. We’ll talk about your goals and what activities you’d like to get back to or improve your performance in. If you’re dealing with pain, we’ll talk about the conditions surrounding the onset of pain and potential contributors to pain. Our first session will probably be longer than usual to give us time to get to know each other.

The benefits of this work include:

Greater ease and freedom of movement

Relief from pain and strain

Increased confidence and ease

Greater clarity about your self and to accurately perceive your body

Greater ability to self-regulate reactions

Calming of mind and nervous system

Greater ability to be present

Better coordination and balance

More benefit from exercise and injury prevention

How long are one-on-one sessions?

Sessions are generally 40-60 minutes. This is highly individual. Your first session may be up to 90 minutes to allow us time to get to know each other and to hear your story..

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move and potentially lie down in. Please avoid wearing jeans, skirt or bulky or stiff clothes. You might like to have socks. You can keep your shoes on if you prefer but removing them will give your feet and your body more information. You will need to remove shoes for table work. 

Are there group classes?

I occasionally offer group classes in Alexander Technique, mindful movement, elasticity, balance, breath and other topics. See the class offerings page for current group classes.

How do I pay?

I accept credit card, PayPal, Venmo, check or cash. You can use credit card here and Paypal (includes credit card) here.

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Stress & Pain Releif

Experience relief from pain & stress and learn to reduce them yourself


Experience your self as an inseparable whole


Release unnecessary tension and stiffness

Improving tone

Improve postural tone to improve functioning and balance, and to prevent injury


Reorganize and reset yourself to recharge!

Personal transformation

The work goes beyond the physical to self-discoveries throughout life


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“Mari is an exceptional Alexander technique facilitator! I entered her sessions feeling all wonky and out of sorts, by the time I left I felt grounded, taller, and relaxed in my body. Her gentle words and touch really allowed my body to let go of the tension I’d been holding on for years. I’m forever grateful to Mari for the opportunity to learn Alexander technique and the powerful effects it has on the mind/body.”

Bridget Feerick

Yoga instructor

“I recently had several sessions with Mari due to problems I was hating dealing with my posture which was painful to me. I was in constant pain. Mari helped me regain my posture and gave me techniques to use to retrain my body muscles to support my posture. Truly a godsend. The results have been significant and were noticeable to my friends. I’m improving at a rapid rate. Totally Recommend Mari”

Octavio Cantu

“As a dentist I contort myself to see my patients, which causes neck and back pain. Mari has really helped me to learn how to use my body the way my body wants to move to take care of myself.”

Dentist, Montana

Ready to Make a Change?

Alexander Technique work helps us to discover where we can allow change and how we can invite it.

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